#Tekkieheroes go live!

10 April 2020

17:00 UCT

Welcome to Azerbaijan’s first global virtual hackaton, organized by the Ministry of Transport, Communication and High Technologies, UNDP and SUP.VC.

Over 600 applicants from over 40 countries across the world will be working together online in the next 48 hours to come up with ideas and solutions to help people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

18:00 UCT

Video address by UNDP Resident Representative to Azerbaijan, Alessandro Fracassetti.

19:00 UCT

“It’s wonderful to see tech people coming together and combining their skill-sets to build services and solutions to fight the COVID19 pandemic”

— Keynote speech by Robin Wauters, founder of tech.eu:

20:00 UCT

Teams are unlocking their creativity!

Fighting COVID19 will require out-of-the box ideas.

22:00 UCT

Meet the mentors!

11 April 2020

07:00 UCT

It’s busy-busy on our #TekkieHeroes virtual space!

09:00 UCT

Meet the teams!

Team #1 ‘DF19’ from Brazil is working on an interactive map of Covid-19 cases in Brazil’s Federal District to help people avoid potential risk areas.

Team #2 ‘CoughFree’ from Norway is working on cough detection using deep neural networks.

Team #3 ‘Zebrafish’ from Brazil is developing a kit that speeds up the detection of COVID-19 antigens.

Team #4 from Pakistan is focusing on immunotourism, a new concept for the post-pandemic tourism industry.

Team #5 ‘Healthcare’ from Ukraine is building a digital platform for people to provide help for healthworkers while staying at home.

Team #6 ‘Javid-19’ from Azerbaijan is exploring how to support local economies through a voucher scheme.

Team #7 ‘Robot Nurse’ from Turkey is working on a mobile robot to help hospital nurses with distribution of medicine and processing of routine tests such as checking blood pressure.

Team #8 ‘Kids Mask’ from United Kingdom is designing reusable N95 face-masks for children that can be 3-D printed at home.

Team #9 ‘Khalmax Robotics’ from India is testing the ability of UV rays to be used as lamps for disinfecting offices and homes.

Team #10 ‘X-RAY’ from Greece is working on an app that can diagnose COVID-19 from X-ray chest scans.

Team #11 ‘Crisis Heroes’ from Poland is working on a platform for optimizing home deliveries in terms of time, costs and environmental impacts.

Team #12 ‘Nanomed’ from Turkey is developing a mobile biosensor for COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment.

Team #13 ‘Waternizer’ from Ukraine is working on pocket-size devices for rapidly turning water into sanitizer.

Team #14 ‘DataCovid’ from Brazil is developing an online tool to help alert health services about specific vulnerabilities in healthcare capacities.

Team #15 ‘HelpAround’ from Azerbaijan is working on a program to help speed up diagnostic technologies.

Team #16 ‘DonorUA’ from Ukraine is developing a tech service enabling blood donors to order free taxis from their homes to local blood banks.

Team #17 ‘Covid-Bot’ from Netherlands is working on a smart chatbot to provide trustworthy and readable responses to users’ questions about COVID-19.

Team #18 ‘VoiceMed’ from Estonia is developing an AI check-up-recognition tool, allowing people to check the probability of their being infected using smartphones.

Team #19 ‘Octopi’ Azerbaijan is exploring ways to help people working in industry gain new skills while staying at home.

Team #20 ‘CardioAI’ from Ukraine is focused on remote ECG-monitoring, enabling safe and affordable care and high-quality analysis for people in their own homes.

Team #21 ‘E-traveling’ from Israel wants to offer people worldwide a new way of experiencing travel from their living rooms.

Team #22 ‘Fight Pandemic’ from Brazil is exploring new ways to warn and inform the public at risk through a special geosurvey feature built for COVID-19.

Team #23 ‘CoronaCheck’ from Turkey is developing an AI model to help speed up diagnosis of COVID-19 based on X-Ray and CT data.

Team #24 ‘E-museums’ from North Macedonia is developing a platform for people to visit museums virtually during the pandemic.

Team #25 ‘MusicCovid’ from Nigeria is working on an entertaining and educational online music programme to stimulate and motivate people during the pandemic.

12 April 2020

06:00 UCT

Some #TekkieHeroes are working across different locations and multiple time zones.

17:00 UCT

Teams are about to start pitching, meet the judges:

17:00 UCT

We are live-streaming the pitching session:

20:00 UCT

And the winners are:

1st prize (5,000 USD) goes to Team #11 ‘Crisis Heroes’ from Poland for developing a virtual marketplace matching people and organizations to help each other during the pandemic crisis.

2nd prize (3,000 USD) goes to Team #6 ‘Javid-19’ from Azerbaijan for their idea to help support SMEs through a voucher scheme allowing people in isolation to buy goods and services in advance at a discount.

3rd prize (2,000 USD) goes to Team #3 ‘Zebrafish’ from Brazil for their work on a rapid kit that speeds up the detection of COVID-19 antigens.

Big thanks to all the amazing teams for the hard work over the past 48 hours, working as one across multiple locations and time zones, developing ideas to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Fighting Covid -19 will require out-of-the box ideas and solutions. Thank you for being pioneers of this movement.

Thank you for being our #TekkieHeroes.



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